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Intensive Business Mandarin Semester Course / Program in China
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Program Mission
This Program is designed to improve students' language skills within a short period of time and help them be adept in using Chinese in business activities.

It's more suitable for the students who hope to do business in China or with China as early as possible and have a strong desire of mastering Chinese language soon.

Program Features
Allied Gateway Mandarin Immersion Program consists of two parts: University Class Training and the Allied Gateway Real Life Instruction. The University Class Training integrates all different skills of the language: phonetics, speaking, listening, writing, reading, grammar and vocabulary. Allied Gateway Real Life Instruction is held every two weeks exclusively to Allied Gateway participants. Instructions occur in real life settings with one subject in each section. Subjects include eating, transportation, theatre, shopping, job hunting, seeing a doctor etc.

The program allows you to immerse yourself in real life experiences that require you to utilize and develop your Mandarin communication skills through authentic daily practice and activities.

  • Total immersion in Chinese environment
  • Comprehensive language training in university
  • Chinese class at all level: beginner to advanced level
  • Free Allied Gateway Real Life Instruction

This Program focuses on training students to have the knowledge of business and the skills of using business language.

After completion, students can be competent for the jobs of business and trade. It mainly aims at:
1) helping students master the capabilities of speaking and communicating in Chinese;

2) helping students have a good basis on doing business with Chinese by learning and training of the vocabulary, drills, specialized knowledge of business Chinese;

3) helping students realize the economic life and business practice in China by learning in class and practice in society, improving their capabilities of understanding business articles by training students' reading skills, and training their capabilities of applying business Chinese by simulative practice in a business context.


Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Program

Chinese Medicine Tuina Program
Taiji and Qigong Program
Martial Arts Program
China Highlights
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Classes are divided into 3 basic levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. A placement test will be conducted after enrolment at the university.

Curriculum are designed to meet the needs of each proficiency level and the program length to ensure you progress rapidly and able to communicate in Chinese in a more effective and efficient manner.

Program Name



Total hours/week

Semester Business Mandarin Intensive Program

8:00 -11:30 Chinese class

14:00 - 16:00 Chinese class

28 hrs / week

Training Courses
1) Basic Business Chinese Courses, including Comprehensive Business Chinese (grammar, conversation, Chinese characters), Chinese Listening Comprehension, Chinese Reading and Chinese Conversation.

2) BCT Intensive Training Courses, focusing on intensive training of BCT.

Placement Test
   This program has four levels which are beginning, elementary, intermediate and advanced. Students will be placed into a suitable level according to their Chinese proficiency. Each level needs one-semester learning.

   * Students who have no or little knowledge of Chinese enter a beginning level class.
   * Students who have HSK grade 3 or corresponding BCT level enter an elementary level class.
   * Students who have HSK grade 5 or corresponding BCT level enter an intermediate level class.
   * Students who have HSK grade 7 or corresponding BCT level enter an advanced level class.

Focuses and Objectives





  • Solid foundation of Phonetic knowledge
  • Chinese character structure
  • Basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • Simple sentences and daily conversations
  • Greetings/ introductions, money/numbers and dates
  • Social introductions, discussing weather, asking directions
  • Chinese culture
  • grasp 1,551 words and 1,000 Chinese characters
  • basic living, study and social intercourse
  • equivalent to HSK Rudimentary B Level or above.


  • Vocabulary building and sentence structure in expressing opinions, likes and dislikes and feelings
  • Discussions and descriptions: hobbies, interests, job, family, hometown
  • Comprehensive reading: newspaper and other materials
  • Culture understanding
  • Composition
  • grasp 2,500 words and 1,205 Chinese characters
  • having quite good listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities equivalent to Chinese middle school graduate


  • Enhancing students’ overall Chinese language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing)
  • helping students contact to and understanding further and wider of Chinese culture and society
  • grasp more than 3,500 words and 1,550 Chinese characters
  • Able to grasp basic Chinese broadcasting and TV programs as well as newspapers
  • Equivalent to HSK Intermediate A Level or above

Program Dates
Programs below are offered to learners of all level from total beginner to advanced level.

Program Name

Program Dates

Application Deadline

Enrolment Deadline

Semester Business Mandarin Intensive Program

22 Feb - 26 Jun
15 Dec 15 Jan
01 Sep - 23 Dec
15 Jun 15 Jul

Evaluation and Certificates
Small quizzes will be carried out now and then to test the progress.

In the middle of the program, a middle exam will be conducted and a final one at the end of the Program.

Participants will receive official diplomas and certificates including transcripts.

Allied Gateway offers a variety of accommodation options to program participants. All accommodations are selected carefully for security, convenience and comfort. Program Fee varies depending on the accommodation selected.

Accommodation options include:
Dorm I
Both double rooms and single rooms are available. Each room has an air-conditioner, a private bath, a telephone, bed, desk, chairs and a TV set.
Dorm II
Equipped with central air-conditioning. Inside there is a cafeteria, a grocery, a beauty parlor and an ATM. Both double rooms and single rooms are available. Each room has a private bath, a telephone, a TV set, internet access, etc. There’s a communal use kitchen each floor, with a washing machine, a fridge and a microwave oven. 24 hours hot water available.
Live with a local family. You will have your own room, with closet, bed, airconditioner and desk. Public shared facilities include kitchen, sitting room and bathroom. Breakfast & dinner is included.

Airport Transfer
Allied Gateway provides free airport arrival-pick-up service for program participants. Our staff will meet you at the arrival gate after you get your luggage and take you to your accommodation. You need to provide us with correct flight information – flight number / flight date / airport name 2 weeks before your program starts.

To make sure smooth transition, you will be provided with Allied Gateway contact number before you come to China in case of last minute changes.

What Is Included

  • Tuition
  • Certificate and transcripts
  • Accommodation
  • Allied Gateway Real Life Chinese Instruction
  • Weekend sightseeing excursions and electives
  • Airport arrival-pick-up
  • Orientation package
    • Map of Shanghai and China
    • Small Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionary
    • Map of campus and the surrounding area
    • English/Chinese menu
    • Survival Chinese booklet
  • Bank account setting-up
  • China cell phone/SIM card assistance
  • China study Visa support
  • Money exchange assistance
  • Assistance with China domestic travel arrangements
  • 24-hours/7-days emergency support
  • On-call on-site Allied Gateway assistance
How to Apply
To apply, you need to meet requirements below
1. Above 18 years old
2. Be a high school graduate
3. Be in good health

For more information on How to Apply, please click here.
For Application Form, please click here.



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